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There are a lot of things which we admire but what please us most is simplicity. Numerous art form globally just amuse us by their style, colour pattern, use of technology, variety, creativity and so on but what pleases us most is the Simplicity. Innovations are simple but they remain unnoticed till someone discovers or creates something new. Plastic art is one such form of art which exists even in the remotest corners of the world and we are all so used to it that we don’t even notice.

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A lot of artists will not agree if this form of art is comparable to other classical, contemporary and folk arts but I am sure that each one of us will agree that Plastic art requires a lot of innovation and creativity. Due to this very attribute it is a close kin of all art forms. According to the definition given by Wikipedia Plastic arts are art forms which involve physical manipulation of a plastic medium by moulding or modelling such as sculpture or ceramics. The term has also been applied more broadly to all the visual (non-literary, non-musical) arts including the now very popular 3 dimensional art and 3d paintings (3D art).

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Thus in a broader term all visual art forms can be brought under a single umbrella of plastic arts. Thus the simple term in itself seems to have included a spectrum of art forms. Materials for use in the plastic arts, in the narrower definition, include those that can be carved or shaped, such as stone or wood, concrete, or metal. All of us would have used this form of art in our day to day lives multiple times. Thus the term in itself is an innovation which takes a holistic approach to redefine fresh visual creations and acts of creativity.

Definition- Plastic Art

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This article makes an effort to push its readers for a pause from the hustles and bustles of life and admire the simplicity around us. Plastic art is one such art form which constitutes part of our day to day lives. Plastics and waste materials these days are used by artists to convert into beautiful art forms in museums, houses, parks, malls and even in sea and other water bodies. The picture below from one of the beaches in Italy is a classic example of how simple creativity can make a difference and propel us all towards art and innovation.

Recycled art

I get amazed by how creativity leads to fantastic things and artists can weave magic even with waste products. It is not only helping environment but also now becoming attraction for visitors at various places. It’s a common practice to have this art form on display in tourist centres. A picture below depicts a masterclass by Sayaka Ganz by using only old plastic cutlery. Here is a link for more of Sayanka Ganz’s masterclass- Sculptures made of Salvaged Plastic

Plastic art Sayaka Ganz

While this not only shows respect to the environment but also invites other people to be aware of contribution of even the tiniest of things that might otherwise look worthless. Creativity has no boundaries and when artists use innovative forms to express their talent, it amuses us even more. Plastic art reminds us of medieval era when people used to use day to day things for creating spectacular art forms. In modern times even three dimensional creations using steels and metals are termed as plastic art. We might have seen plastic art all around us and at public places but I am sure this exemplary and simple art form would be more visible to the readers here on. Plastic art has been changing forms and colours over centuries but seems to be as old as human beings themselves and has been evolving with advent of better technology and availability of resources.

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