Photorealism and Hyperrealism- Innovation marvels of art

Art has evolved over the years and so have the artists. With the advancement of technology, landscapes and the natural objects became easy to be captured by photography. So, art lovers now have a choice to choose between an artwork of reality and that of a traditional painting. I intend to focus on two innovation in art namely Photorealism and Hyperrealism. More than that, I want this post to be a visual delight for readers.

As an ardent supporter of creativity at workplace, I reach out to various forms of art for motivation. If we look at art in terms of innovation, it outpaces almost all other fields.

Photorealism and Hyperrealism are two such acts of creativity; or incremental innovation in paintings.

Similar to almost all other industries, even art needs to update itself and compete with technology and other disruptions.

The Niche art still flourishes but in recent years only the ardent art lovers go out of the way to purchase expensive man made artworks.

General customers can get the images with enhanced quality at a more economical price.

So, how is the niche art still surviving and thriving?

Here’s the phrase to answer this; “necessity is the mother of invention”. We had innovations in 20th century and 21st century named Photorealism and Hyperrealism respectively.


Photorealism and Hyperrealism in painting 1

Amazing Photorealistic painitngs

How to be more creative? Probably the easiest way is to draw inspiration from other acts of creativity.

So, before I proceed with the details on Photorealism and Hyperrealism, I would like to showcase few marvels of Photorealism and Hyperrealism.

If you want to keep enjoying the visual delight, I have made sure that this section and rest of the article is fed up with ample links pointing you towards the most exquisite pieces of Photorealistic art.

  1. Diego Fazio- Pencil art of a lady

Have a look at yourself. No my friends, this is not a picture. If you are an artist reading this post, you would simply be smiling and admiring your super talented community.

Well, Diego has come up with a gem with this marvellous piece of art. Credits- Creative Bloq


Photorealism and Hyperrealism 1



2. Burger by Tjalf Sparnaay

Now this might be soothing to your taste buds and for the health freaks, you can enjoy the artistic side of it.

This is not real. It is just Photorealism as its best. Even the next picture in the series is another food item which is not a picture but an oil painting.

Look at it and then look at it again. It’s not cooking oil!

Look for more Tjalf Sparnaay pictures at Paintings by Tjalf Sparnaay.





3. Half fried omelette by Tjalf Sparnaay




4. Angelina Jolie- Wayne Forrest 

What a photographer! Isn’t he?

But, now you already know that this is a piece of art. Some serious realism work done by Wayne Forrest.


Wayne Forrest-Photorealism


I am sure you are just not having enough of these painting if you are a lover of art and photorealism in particular.

Go for it. Have a look at 40 awesome photorealistic paintings.

While we leave the masters of Photorealism and Hyperrealism to enjoy the work of artists, the next section is for those curious to know the background of these forms of art and a few more exquisite art works to keep it a visual delight.

What is Photorealism?

Photorealism can be explained as the genre of painting  that appears to be very realistic just like a photograph.

Art can be fun if it is Photorealism. Similarly innovation also is extremely exciting.

If you are looking to innovate in any industry, all you need is to be creative, have an emasculate attention to details, look to simplify processes and enjoy the developments to the fullest. But, that’s better said than done.

Getting back to Photorealism now!!

This form of art appeared to the horizon of art as a fresh innovation.

This also had a fun and surprise element attached to it. At times it is difficult to guess the original version.

Attention to details make it one of the most creative forms of painting.

Art and innovation in 20th century changed the landscape of art with Photorealism and Hyperrealism being key game changers.

The term is primarily used for paintings from the United States art movement that began in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Art according to experts was losing its sheen and fresh innovations were required to help it thrive in the technology led era.

This was like a renaissance for contemporary art to keep intact the serenity and creativity of art.

This form of art also gave artists an added advantage of combining their imaginative skills to real things, pictures and substances.

It was an initiative to enhance the quality of the artwork and rejuvenated artists with new energy to compete against technology. Whenever there has been a tussle between technology and nature, the latter has triumphed.

Photorealism The art story provides further background for those who would want this to explore further.


Photorealism and Hyperrealism in painting 2

What is Hyperrealism?

Hyperrealism on the other hand is a genre of painting and sculpture resembling a high-resolution photograph.

Hyperrealism, which is a fully fledged school of art, can be considered as an extension of Photorealism with expansion of its peripheries to craft as well. We all love to see the real looking statues of the people from past and stars of today.

It might astonish you when you see some hyper realistic paintings.

Here is an article that portrays 40 astonishing hyper realistic art.

One can bridge the gap created by generations and put personalities, historic places etc. at one place using Hyperrealism. This innovation gave artists a license to innovate without being unreal.

Artists could take cues from reality and overlap their imagination on the same to come up with exquisite art works.


Photorealism and Hyperrealism in painting 3


Photorealism and hyperrealism- Effect of technology

Innovation and creativity are never ending. May it be at workplace or at a personal level.

Both these variations of the innovative art form function hands-on with technology. Advancement in technology has served as a boon rather than bane on development of this art form.

Creativity and imagination make artists special and once they have a benchmark set from a real object or place, the task is even more defined and structured.

A lot of artists feel this to be more challenging as the consumers of art have something to compare with, which raises bar as far as creative capital of artist is considered.


Photorealism and Hyperrealism in painting 4


It is further stated about Hyperrealism that this style focuses more emphasis on details around the primary subject and on the subject itself.

Hyperreal paintings and sculptures are not strict interpretations of photographs as one might assume.

Instead, they utilize additional, often delicate, pictorial rudiments to create the illusion of a reality which might or might not exist.

These are born out of imagination of artists.

Both Photorealism and Hyperrealism in painting are representation of original work but with a put of imagination, creativity and innovation.

Surrealism as an innovation in art was another approach towards realism with a put of imagination, science and philosophy.

The scope is immense and one has to salute the talent and imagination of the artists. Artists have fascinated us by the acts of creativity over the years.

For a reason a lot of organisations now hire artists as consultants to look at things with a completely different perspective.

I bid adieu leaving the readers to ponder upon this art of realism by David Eichenberg.


Photorealism and Hyperrealism in painting 6



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