Steve Jobs and his mantras of innovation and success

The creative people series salutes great innovators of all times. This series doesn’t intend to act as an encyclopaedia of rich and famous people but also touches those who are not so popular despite being extremely creative and innovative. Key motto of the series is to stress on the point that how the creative urge from within motivates a person to reach unexpected dimensions of knowledge and inventions.

Creativity is in everyone but those who bring it out to its full potential are the real winners. One of his own kind of innovator and creator was Steve Jobs. We all know him for what he did to the computer and smartphone industry. IPhone, credited to be the most popular innovation of all times, is his brainchild. Steve Jobs, who was a University dropout, thus became an icon of creativity. His famous quote ‘Stay hungry, stay foolish’ will keep reverberating within the business fraternity for years to come. He was an innovator par excellence and lived to innovate. He redefined perception of the common people globally on how mobile phones can be used and was one of the biggest influencers of this century.

Steve Jobs and his mantra for real success- Innovator of his own kind 3

We all know that Steve Jobs was creative and a true innovator but he was also a great motivator, workaholic and silver tongued personality. His management skills were commendable although some people found him too raw or rude. But raw is natural and so is Innovation. Great innovators are known to occasionally display behavioural tantrums. Steve Jobs was a mastermind but not all his ventures were successful. He believed that as a leader, he was destined to innovate and this is what that differentiates a leader from everyone else. He followed this principle without any fear of failure.

Steve Jobs and his mantra for real success- Innovator of his own kind 4

Jobs had immaculate trust in his own abilities. He advocated vision to be the propelling factor towards success and believed that if there is a vision and the work is done with conviction, it is bound to be successful. But, he always stressed on perseverance and self-belief as real mantras for success. He learnt from his failures, persisted with his innovative ideas, and… the rest is history!!!!

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Below is a short video of Steve Jobs in which he explains the rules of success (Credits: Jandafrique).

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