Job vs self employment- A shift towards entrepreneurship

A lot of companies now hire people with an entrepreneurial mindset as facilitators to continuous innovation. However, I have not met a person who doesn’t like entrepreneurship or a job that doesn’t invokes entrepreneurial flare. This post would take you through an algorithm to decode the dilemma of job vs self employment. The answer can be entrepreneurship or a job change to companies that promote entrepreneurs and innovation.

What stops people from being an entrepreneur? Why do we all get into fix of job vs self employment? Why are we not able to fulfill our passion? There is no comprehensive answer to these questions. The answer lies within all of us. Paradoxically a large number of people prefer to opt for jobs in line with the prevalent social order.

There are so many questions like what if I fail? How much will it cost me? Am I really able to spin this off? Will this be profitable and so on. This ‘what if’ is a bottleneck in decoding job vs self employment paradox. On the top of it we have our very own society which never likes to break the inertia. Each one of us face some issues in unlocking our real innovative strength.

Job vs self employment 1

Here is an interesting algorithm which is far from perfect but at least a good start. Answering the below question and introspection might help us decode job vs self employment paradox. Honest answer might also help in appreciating the current job and adding flare to performance. Here are a few entrepreneurial traits to test ourselves. Each one of us possesses these traits but, the intensity varies.


Algorithm of Job vs self employment

Street Smart– We all are street smart. If this was not true how would we have been able to get the best deal in winter sale, or the last ticket for cinema? How about the last parking space for car, or a free upgrade at a hotel or some extra cheese for free. There are numerous occasions on which each one of us might have wanted to pat one’s back for doing something which was smart. Take a tour of your memory lanes and there would be many such instances. They do wonders to our confidence. So, how much you rate yourself on a scale of 10?

jobs vs self employment-street smart

‘Who cares’ approach– Trade mark approach of entrepreneurs. Right or wrong – Who cares? This common perception is not true. Common perception is that Entrepreneurs are fearless and have ‘who cares approach’ but the difference is that they have learnt to tame fear. They have the tendency to push themselves for that extra mile. Creativity is to be explored taking the support of this who cares approach which is possessed by one and all. There are people who don’t even care about the question of job vs self employment. They simply innovate whatever the circumstance. So do you have the who cares approach?

jobs vs self employment-who cares

Who is your idol- Each one of us has an idol in life. It may be parents, teacher, a friend, a philosopher or a famous person. Most of us have an idol or more than one. Another point to introspect now. How many of us idolize someone outside our family who has been in a job throughout his career? Most of us want to be like someone who has taken an alternate path.

We have a tendency to be creative, work beyond our potential, untamed and free of all restrictions. We want to live in a world with a free license to innovate and imagine new things. We all evolve through stages to become successful to our own likings. As an example, Ratan Tata is an entrepreneur by soul, administrator by profession and strategist by heart. He is a philosopher overall. He once said “I take a decision first and then work to prove it right”. So, do you have the courage to move towards an unknown direction?

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Learn to Plan, plan to learn– Most of us would have heard of the phrase ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’. But, it is more important to learn how to plan. The lack of a proper planning process hinders our creative juices from coming to surface and from being espoused by our body and soul. Do you plan your day when you get up in the morning? Do you plan your work strategy? Do you write ideas that flow from within? If not then you must do so to answer the question on job vs self employment.

jobs vs self employment-learn to plan I am sure you are through the checklist above and still unsure if you really can make a move to the next level. Move on to the next algorithm then; a personality test. A Marketing test coming out of the textbooks. Can you sell your concept? Can you sustain the competitive edge? Can you persevere? To answer the same, try to find which of the following you are:



Personality test to solve the puzzle of Job vs self employment

Innovator– Did you buy the first edition of IPhone? Did you start using Facebook or Linkedin 4-5 years ago? Did you go to some unexplored places for visit recently? Did you watch a movie without reading the review? Did you buy a book before it became a bestseller? Do you try new restaurant every time? Do you have no favourite cuisine as you have tried too many? Do you love studying out of syllabus without worrying about the results? There are numerous other parameters on which you can be treated as an innovator. If you don’t fall in this group, you shouldn’t worry as not many entrepreneurs or famous people fall under this category.

jobs innovatorEarly adopter– Do you use a smart phone for over 5 years now? Do you buy fashion clothing without trying and get it right almost every time? Do you try new items on the menu when you visit in a restaurant even when you are in a group? Can you walk on the stage and speak to a crowd without worrying about a topic?

Early Majority– Do you follow advertisement or reviews to buy a product? Do you rely on word of mouth or on the opinion of leaders, management gurus, and spiritual gurus? Do you rate star value over content of a movie? Do you have a timetable for all the things but seldom follow it?

Late Majority– Do you prefer desktop over tablet or smart phone? Do you prefer reading only bestselling books? Do you buy popular products only? Is the first thing you consider before buying a car is mileage? Do you chose only top destinations on Tripadvisor or other holiday guides for holidays?

Laggard– You don’t have a Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter account? You order the same item whenever you go to a restaurant? You read more than 5 reviews before you think of buying a book? You think of exams and results more than the course? You select job by company and not by job description? You prefer consultancies over creative job portals or direct online portal of companies?



Final words on Job vs self employment

A lot of people fall under different categories for different industries and choices. A motto of the discussion is to help people realize their inner strength. The crux of the matter is to find answer to a single question, and that is, whether one would like to follow an established agenda, or, will prefer to set own agenda to achieve his/her dreams. Job vs self employment is a perpetual question. Grass is always greener on the other side.

Several companies now appreciate the fact that innovation is the propelling force for success and are inclined towards developing an entrepreneurial outfit. The answer to job vs self employment is being answered by companies like FacebookGoogle and who are fostering innovation. Innovation and entrepreneurship bridges the gap in job vs self employment.

Please remember that there is one thing common to all human beings. It is limitless creativity and immense power to innovate at will. We just need to explore these capabilities to meet the entrepreneur within us.

So, what’s your answer to the question of job vs self employment?

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