Richard Branson and his mantras of success

Innovation in itself is fascinating. Leaders around the globe make the process of innovation inspirational. Richard Branson of Virgin industry fame is one such leader. He has been an inspiration to many. He is a role model to several entrepreneurs.

Richard Branson is a brand in himself and a legacy follows when he arrives on the big podium to communicate to industry stalwarts. People who work with him believe in his charismatic leadership and make an effort to imitate him.

Let me however give a bit of background on him for those who are not aware of how Richard Branson is an innovator of his own kind and why he is placed so high in the industry by his peers.

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Richard Branson- Entrepreneurial context

Let me first start with a bit about his background. Full background and history can be found on Wikipedia- Richard Branson.

‘Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson (born 18 July 1950) is an English businessman and investor. He is best known as the founder of Virgin Group, which comprises more than 400 companies.

At the age of sixteen his first business venture was a magazine called Student.’ At the age of sixteen when most of us are not even sure as to in which college we would be applying for graduation, Richard Branson was all out in the heat exploring options for his first business venture.

He is a born entrepreneur and the aura he carries with him is unprecedented. Like every entrepreneur, Branson had his share of issues with his venture as well and he had to toil to get out of early jolts in his entrepreneurial career.

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Entrepreneurial ventures of Richard Branson

After his first venture of Magazine, he started selling music audio records at a considerably lower price than regular high street shops.

As his business was in a nascent stage, the name of the company was termed ‘Virgin’. No one even had the slightest of the ideas that this would be one of the most trusted brands in the world in the coming years.

Richard Branson soon opened his first shop on ‘Oxford Street’, London but immediately ran into troubles as few of the records he held were termed export stock by the tax men and was forced to pay hefty fine for which he even had to mortgage his family home. Once he got over this crisis, there was no turning back for him.


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His Mantras of Success

Richard Branson was an innovator of his own kind and his mantras of success were perseverance, desire, setting unbelievable challenges and a continuous aim to fly high.

He sold his Virgin Music CD company and started numerous ventures- Virgin Atlantic Airways, Virgin trains, Virgin mobile, Virgin Galactic to name a few.

There is one thing common in all innovators- ‘they are different’. Richard Branson has been amazing people around him with the energy he has in doing unconventional and challenging things. Branson had even made a record in January 1991, when he crossed the Pacific from Japan to Arctic Canada, 6,700 miles, in a balloon.

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Richard Branson has also released his autobiography in 1998, titled ‘Losing My Virginity’ which is an international best-seller.

His personality reflects in all his ventures. There are hundreds of instances when he has backed innovation for sustainability.

His policies led Virgin Atlantic use the phrase ‘We recycle exhaustively, especially our profits’.

Sir Richard Branson has been known for all his humanitarian efforts which have crossed UK’s boundaries and his foundations have been helping the differently abled, deprived and destitute for many years now. He particularly stresses on sustainability and says ‘we must wean ourselves off our dependence on coal and fossil fuels’.

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One can go on and on describing his numerous achievements, innovations and quotes but what is more important is his desire to fly high and his go getter methodology. There are several interesting articles on him at Articles on Richard Branson.

He innovates to create a difference and has created a culture of creativity and innovation in his team. Personality of Richard Branson reflects in the culture of Virgin group which thrives even during challenging situations and strives to make a difference in the industry and society.

Branson is a true brand ambassador of innovation and creativity and has proved a multiple times that nothing is impossible if we have the zeal and desire to achieve the goal we set in our lives.

He is a role model for all upcoming entrepreneurs and self-employed youngsters.

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