Strategic alliance and Innovation in Education sector

Strategic alliance and education go hand in hand these days. The key driving force has been understanding and promoting innovation.

Innovation has been the core aspect in most of my posts and my interest in studying innovation has led me towards so many marvels which were not perceptible to me earlier.

Innovation is more common than we all perceive it to be and may it be our natural impulse to any situation or a reaction by subconscious, innovation happens naturally. While most of my posts have used artists as a prototype of innovators,

I would love to shed some light on strategic alliance and innovation in education sector and innovation in education on the whole as a salutation to the fraternity which framed up the word innovation and persuasively explained the implications of the same to the outer world through literary outfits.

So, here is another sip of innovation with a different flavour.

Why is strategic alliance important in education?

Innovation is the route to competitive advantage for an institution. In this regard, strategic alliance, particularly international joint venture is an effective vehicle for crafting innovation capabilities.

Most strong alliances have progressed through the stages of the collaboration continuum, but occasionally there are some that start out as a transactional relationship, vaulting the philanthropic stage.

Progression along the continuum is not instinctive; it is the outcome of cognisant acts and efforts. The stage is set for education industry for an Information Technology sort of revolution in the coming few years.

The potential is huge with developing countries like India, China, Brazil, Russia etc. joining hands with the developed West to spell innovation magic in education sector as the opportunities are limitless with almost the whole world as potential consumers.

Here is a scholarly article on alliance building detailing various strategic aspects.

Spreading innovation in Education sector- Strategic alliance is the way forward 9

After reflecting upon strategic alliances as a facilitator of innovation in education, I present some of the recent innovations in education sector which is leading to a changing landscape of education.

These innovation stress on the importance of strategic alliances for global expansion. The idea is to make the world a global village.

I learn a lot through educative blogs and people are more open nowadays in sharing their knowledge on the web which to me has been one of the greatest innovation that has helped education sector extend its reach immensely.

Road sign to education and future


Innovation in education sector

It is easy to imagine a classroom devoid of professors these days, where the students attend classes sipping a cup of tea and so is imagining a school where students in a class divide themselves into groups and discuss different issues or reflect upon a topic of their own, while the teacher plays the role of a moderator.

Innovation in education is spreading to deeper pockets now where solar powered vehicles, equipped with PCs and Internet connections go down the road and are stopped by villagers interested in checking out weather and crop information on the web. The initiatives for wider education taken by companies like Direcway Global Education, Wipro and NIIT is making all these situations possible in India. The group has also tied up with various premier management institutes in India to offer their management courses to working executives through the satellite-based learning programs. The old school methodology of imparting education is giving way to novel ways of teaching.


Traditional education is very top-down, heavy-handed—sit down and read, be quiet, don’t ask questions—there’s still a lot of room for innovation.” Says Kirsten Saenz Tobey, cofounder of Revolution Foods.

One thing is for sure that the digital component will be so heavily relied on in the next few years. Innovation is spreading like fire in education sector and researchers believe that it’s time institutions take cue from the recent developments and adapt to the changing landscape of education to stay competitive.

Edupreneurs have led the way to incorporate novel ideas like integrating blogging into the curriculum, using blogging to squash classroom walls and shaping global connections and ventures. Leongatha PS & Asia Education Foundation – shared in the article below on how their national project supports development of intercultural understanding for students and teachers Examples of innovation

Spreading innovation in Education sector- Strategic alliance is the way forward 3

There are many trendsetters who have been successfully implementing strategic alliance nationally and internationally to spread innovation in education sector and creating synergies to attain multiple financial, research and philanthropic goals.

The Southern Education and Research Alliance (SERA), founded in 1999, is a strategic alliance formed between the University of Pretoria and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. Sera has a 50% shareholding in the Innovation Hub, a fully accredited technology park situated on 60 hectares of the university’s experimental farm (Credits – Wikipedia).

Cambridge University has also led the way in spreading innovation in education sector by taking an early entry advantage in developing countries. The Centre for India and Global Business at the Cambridge Judge Business School provides a platform for research and engagement with partners in industry, academia and policy, focussing on India’s current and future role in the global knowledge economy. The Bangalore-Cambridge Innovation Network has been created to foster links between the innovation ecosystems of both cities.

Credits- Cambridge University Regional Focus- Alliances

Spreading innovation in Education sector- Strategic alliance is the way forward 1

Strategic alliance and innovation are changing the landscape of education sector making it more vibrant and industry focussed. The producers of the word innovation have finally begun to exploit and explore it to the fullest.


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