9 daily habits for promoting innovation and creativity


All of us love to be creative in our distinct ways. We need food to provide energy to our body and revitalize our brain to enlarge the magnitude of innovation and creativity.Lots of researchers have linked this to spirituality who believe that the real source of energy rests within and outside bodily realms.

Blending of both physical and meta- physical approaches would interconnect all these facets to help us decode the roots of promoting innovation and creativity.However, despite being quite interesting topic, metaphysics is an area where Angels fear to tread.

I will, therefore, leave this tough discussion for later posts and concentrate on activities that help us innovate and be creative.

In this post, I have mentioned a few habits that helps in promoting innovation and creativity. These habits help the innovative streak to prosper and develop, letting the creative juices to flow from within.

There is an interesting article in Forbes about 6 ideas that promote innovation in workplace.

There are numerous activities which help the process of rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit. Here is a non-exhaustive list mentioning a few daily habits that help creative juices gush out from our mind and soul.

Daily habits for promoting innovation and creativity


9 daily habits for promoting innovation and creativity 21.Yoga– This is a no brainer as Yoga has become one of the most talked about subject recently. However, it’s worth a mention again given its benefits not only for a healthy living but even for success at work. Regular meditation and Yoga freshens up our body and mind.

While meditation makes sure oxygen is properly circulated within every part of our body to help it detoxify, our brain also gets enriched by oxygen and other life forces from within our body.

Physical postures from Yoga help body to release creative juices from locked energy centres and thereby raising our spiritual level and helps the process of promoting innovation and creativity. 30 minutes of Yoga everyday can do wonders to our work-life balance.

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9 daily habits for promoting innovation and creativity 3

2. Get up early– How many times have we heard this? Still we find this as the most difficult task.

However, battles are fought and won in the mind before they are actually done in the battlegrounds. Getting up early gives our mind, body and spirit the required dose of cosmic energy and fresh oxygen which helps our neurons to stay fresh to let innovation and creativity sprout from within.

If you need some motivation, here is an article that gives 13 ideas to wake up early.

All of us might have heard of the phrase ‘Early to bed and Early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’.

Finishing up the reports, preparing for the meeting in the morning, spending some quality time with family or partying with friends; there are number of reasons to justify our late night habit.

9 daily habits for promoting innovation and creativity 4

3. Healthy eating habits– Eat healthy and think better. This is true but who can give Zinger burger a miss or the cheesy pizza, some pan fried garlic noodles, a cheesecake, chocolates, or the fiery chicken!

I always thought as a kid as to why were tasteless food bestowed with maximum health benefits and if tasty food items are supposed to be hazardous to health in the long run, why on earth do they exist?

These questions are right to an extent but an alternate thought on this is of taming our mind and body and keeping the taste buds in leash.

Taste addiction has no limits attached to it and we would never be able to find an end to the same. We frequently get bored of the food items we used to love and get into the vicious circle of alternating between one set of food to another, taking away a lot of our creative energy.

Getting back to basics will help the process of rejuvenation, creativity and nutrition for effective functioning of body and mind.

9 daily habits for promoting innovation and creativity 5

4. Morning Walk– A stroll of a couple of miles every morning helps re-energize our body and refuels us with life forces.

However, are we not concentrating on innovation and creativity? Yes, we are. This 20 minutes’ walk is the best time to plan your day and be rest assured that a fresher brain will help in creation of better recipes of work and get the innovative best from within.

Workplace is full of surprises and planning ahead helps in the process of creating an aura around us to protect from invulnerability.

One of my posts provides further motivation on workplace innovation.

9 daily habits for promoting innovation and creativity 65. Reading– We all exercise or at least pretend to do so but what about the work out session for neurons in the brain.

Neural forces are most dominant during childhood and get weaker as we progress on the journey called ‘Life’. These neurons decrease in number as life progresses and thus it is even more important to make sure they are healthy for continuous outflow of creative juices.

Yoga helps flexing neurons but nothing succeeds like reading in the quest to own healthier neurons. A regular dose of quality reading has many more benefits to offer than just healthier neurons.

9 daily habits for promoting innovation and creativity 76. Writing– It is always good to maintain a diary or write on a blog. Writing is a hobby which is both trendy and befitting to today’s workplace. Inner satisfaction and peace of mind come as free gifts in the package of benefits of writing as a hobby.

9 daily habits for promoting innovation and creativity 8

7. Develop creative Hobbies– Have you ever tried to paint? Can you sing? Do you dance? Were you good at sports when you were kid but you don’t play anymore? Are you a good swimmer? What about mimicry? How about mountaineering or skiing?

There are many more things which help in revitalizing our body and mind. If time constraint is pulling things back, getting up early should be on top of the agenda for developing healthy habits.

9 daily habits for promoting innovation and creativity 108. Charity work– Helping a cause of charity once in a while connects us to the unknown. It helps in exploring the emotional intelligence within us and in connecting us to the universal forces by helping people who are totally unknown.

At work or in our routine life, we always deal with the unknown and live in uncertainties. Some charity work helps us befriend uncertainty and frees our brain to innovate and create.

A good night’s sleep is an added bonus to some time spent for a humanitarian cause.

9 daily habits for promoting innovation and creativity 119. Go on a holiday– Forced breaks are necessary to keep us fresh and creative.

Like cars needs servicing and refuelling, so does our body and mind which need rest and refuelling. A good holiday with family or friends is the best re-energizer. But, we need to make sure, we keep ourselves away from phone and laptop.

So, what else do you do for promoting innovation and creativity?

9 daily habits for promoting innovation and creativity 12

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