Innovation and creativity- 14 famous quotes

In this post, I have tried to compile the best quotes on innovation and creativity for business growth.

These innovation quotes are useful for both personal and professional excellence and to keep oneself motivated.

A lot of my other posts discuss the intricacies of innovation and creativity in organisational setup. What I have here is a simple post compiling famous lines of the best in the business. So, read on.

Everyone wants to be innovative and creative.

How good would it be if we had a road-map for mastering the art of being successful personally and professionally.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. It is an abstract art made up of a lot of intangibles.

The oceans of opportunities are available through the doors named ‘Innovation’ and ‘Creativity’. It’s for us to find and open these doors for attaining excellence and mental state of fulfillment.

The more I research on innovation, the more I get exposed to the vastness of the topic.

The topic always requires further investigation. Without getting into further details, I present here 14 interesting and motivational quotes by proven innovators.

The quotes are from leaders, artists, thinkers, scientists etc. This is in order to assert that innovation is the fuel which drives human personally and professionally towards excellence.

These quotes have motivated me a lot and have helped me stay focussed.

The quotes help to attain greater precision in decoding the complex routes to foster innovation and creativity.


Quotes on innovation and creativity 1

Quotes on innovation and creativity


Let’s start with quote from Steve Jobs. He is one of the greatest innovators of all times.

However, I intend to use quotes from varied leadership and business groups to take a holistic approach towards promoting innovation and creativity.

This helps in attaching our personalities to someone and then aiming towards achieving perfection. It is worth giving a try.

It has been rightly said by Brian Littrel;

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars.”

Getting back to the quote by Jobs.

1.“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

Steve Jobs is a household name. We are all able to reflect on his personality and abilities by holding the IPhone in our hands.

If only a phone makes us feel special, think what innovation and leadership can do to our personality and business acumen.

Steve Jobs said “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”.

How true he was with his legendary act of innovation. To paraphrase, it was an immaculate act of creativity and inventiveness. He did so through the Apple inventions and innovations.

One of my earlier post discusses more about Steve Jobs- Mantras of Success.

More quotes by Steve Jobs can be found in an article 7 inspirational quotes by Steve Jobs in Inc.


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2.“When you want something which you have never had, you have to do something you have never done”.

Innovation and creativity give us a vision which is not possessed by every human being.

Innovation enables us to view things which lie in separate dimension.

Creative imagination, mental imagery, subconscious mind etc. are said to be routes to stay innovative.

It helps prepare a mental route map to achieve the same.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the source of innovation and creativity lies in the pineal gland.

Pineal gland or the third eye is said to be active only during the childhood. It is not surprising at all that child psychology is studied a lot to decode sources of creativity and innovation.


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3.“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Pablo Picasso was one of the greatest artists to have ever lived. He reasserted the importance of childlike approach as a key to personal brilliance.

He took an innovative and artistic approach to explain the same through his famous quote on creativity which says: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”  

More quotes on innovation and creativity by Pablo Picasso can be found on Pablo Picasso quotes.


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4. Innovation is change that unlocks new value

Jamie Notter is an entrepreneur, a consultant and a prolific speaker.

He advocates a more contemporary approach to explaining innovation.

He believes that innovation inevitability is a change which might be fuelled by circumstances, luck or sustained efforts. It should also add value to us or others in some way.

The intensity would vary and so would the impact.


Quotes on innovation and creativity 2


5. Business has only two function- marketing and innovation

Now, this may raise a few eyebrows. But, as mentioned earlier, it is just a compilation and the only intention of this post is to present innovation and creativity quotes.

So keep getting the dose of motivation and leave scepticism for later.

Milan Kundera through the above mentioned quote on innovation further intensifies the tone of discussion.

He divides the marketplace into just two functions. One is Innovation and the other marketing.

He believed all other functions within Organizations to be a part of these two giant sub categories.

This is the key rationale behind success of companies like, Apple, Zara,, TATA, Coke etc.

We can easily identify them through their global brand presence. Innovative ideas for business growth  is key to the sustained success of these companies.

We all appreciate these firms for their continuous innovation.

Innovation and creativity makes them appear distinct in marketplace. In a marketplace, innovation is like a junction where market desirability and techno-economic viability meet technology.

Creativity is homogeneously mixed in various organizational and operational processes to establish an innovative edge.

This creativity of an organization is however a collective creative capital of workforce. It is further dependent on personalities, training, behaviour, education, lifestyle etc.


Quotes on innovation and creativity 3


6. 100 percent of innovation is driven by the ability to fail quickly

A lot of startups would believe this.

The ability to understand and learn from failures that converts ordinary to special.

All great leaders and business men/women have failed numerous times.

But, they have resurrected themselves like phoenix to come back more prepared and stronger than they were before the failure.

Failures are the steps that lead to success.

If achieving success is an uphill task, failures make up that hill.

Quotes on innovation and creativity 7


7. There is no substitute for innovation

Richard Branson has always been at the helm of innovation and creativity.

May it be his professional excellence through Virgin group of companies or his personal competence.

He is believed to be one of the best readers of consumer’s perception.

He also is a leader who is followed not only by people from his companies but also by competitors.

He is regarded as one of the most innovative leaders globally.

He believes: “There is no substitute for innovation. Original ideas will always rise to the top”.


Quotes on innovation and creativity 11


8. The best way to predict the future

Computer scientist Alain Kay finds another way to stress on the importance of innovation and creativity.

According to him the best way to predict the future is to create it. We all know it’s not that simple though.

People and Organization who have persevered through or are blessed with innovative capabilities tend to take the lift.

The others toil through the staircase to reach the goal.

Innovation can be radical as well as incremental. We just need to be cognisant to the subtle changes leading us towards radical innovation.


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9. Innovation and creativity comes from the producer

One of the greatest influencer in terms of developing Operations strategy has been W. Edward Deming. He believes that innovation is the fuel that drives the personal and Organizational engines.

He further advocated that we would definitely fail if we try to find sources of creativity and innovation from the outside world.

It is something that has to be searched from within and developed.

In business terms, he claims “Innovation comes from the producer, not from the customer”.


Quotes on innovation and creativity 12


10. Innovation is a state of mind

This one is my personal favourite as it sums up the crux of all the innovation and creativity quotes mentioned here.

It is extremely useful to believe that Innovation is not a process but a state of mind.

Once the perception of innovation sinks in properly, the espoused values come back with a much greater force.

This helps in personal and professional success.

Moreover, even the term success gets obsolete once we start making an effort to get into the creative state of mind. What follows is eternal bliss.

Quotes on innovation and creativity 9


11. Innovation and creativity is not the product of logical thought

Albert Einstein, the great Physicist, also believed that innovation in no way is a process or science.

He believed it to be summed up by creative urges, chances and at times illogical concepts.

However, the final product distances itself from all the issues and is tied to a logical structure.

He believed that an idea was worth pursuing even if it might look weird or craziest of plans at the outset.

The end result can be diametrically opposite and pleasing. We just need to follow our instincts.


Quotes on innovation and creativity 14


12. Failures are stepping stones to success

Failures must not discourage us to deviate from the route towards personal and professional perfection.

According to Woody Allen, “If you are not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you are not doing anything very innovative.”


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13. Creativity requires courage

Human brain is equipped to get trained.

A fresh brain of child is trained to abide by the societal rules. Slowly and steadily the brain builds its own habitat.

The peripheries of brain have been created by parental guidance, institutional and religious teachings.

It is further guided through social and cultural influences. We feel safe confined in these walls and a sense of security develops.

This forbids us to try new things that doesn’t fall in our comfort zone.

Thus, creativity and innovation seem a difficult feat for most of us for we fail to generate the courage.

It is important to break the shackles of certainties to innovate.


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14. Innovation offers immense promise

Bill Gates agrees to the importance of innovation in the current scenario.

Creativity and innovation are the best available tools currently to achieve operational and personal excellence.

Technology has helped us all to evolve with a better understanding of creativity. This leads to innovation.

Gates was himself exposed to the need of technology in innovation right from an early age when he started his journey of innovation.

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Inspirational quotes help to trigger the nerves which manages innovation and creativity within us. I had a teacher who would start every class with a thought provoking quote.

It changed the way we perceived every class of hers. There are many quotes having a great deal of history hidden beneath them. When we read these quotes in context of the embedded historical scenario, we perceive a little more.

One quote that has changed every literature enthusiast and business fraternity was said in the poem named “The road not taken”. There is a striking relatedness of this quote with innovation and creativity.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by. That has made all the difference.”

I have always revelled in these verses. Robert frost’s moment of transcendence brought these glorious words to all of us.

There are decisions out there, and what defines you is the decision that you construct. There is road for all of us and there is road for a few of us.

Only one of these roads can make a difference. To innovate and create we need to make sure we travel on the road that can make a big difference. The road which is less travelled.

Another one of Robert Frost quote to cement the assertions made above is that ‘the only way around anything is through it’.


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Innovation requires speed and stamina.

It also requires a clarity of direction towards the goal we strive to achieve.

It is equally important to discuss, share and learn from the immediate surrounding, organizations and social networks to invigorate a sense of creativity and innovation.

I conclude this journey of innovation quotes with another statement of Steve Jobs who advocates the importance of sharing ideas and of continuous improvements.


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