Innovation in Education- technology leading the way

Innovation as a term has gained a lot in popularity and we associate it with creativity. A lot of articles enlighten us on the topic and motivate us to redefine our capabilities taking it to the next level. It is easy to learn about the basics of innovation in education through blogs, articles, videos, and lectures etc. which have brought about changes in the technique of demonstrating the creative ideas . These subtle changes have made learning and evolution process easy. It is this evolution I intend to discuss by focussing on innovation in education. To begin the topic, we might argue; isn’t education an innovation itself that has enriched the life of human beings?


I tried to imagine a society without educational infrastructure, and realised how difficult evolution can be without means of education. What more proof do we need that education is the greatest step to enlightenment? If history is correct, education existed right from the beginning through generations in different ways and forms. Though there were no official schools, classrooms, academic books, colleges and universities back in the times but education was always existent. With the passage of time, education adapted to great methods and evolved itself as a tool to perceive, invent, share, innovate and create, making the world a better place to live. Education has enabled us to improve upon technology which has in return blessed its master by enhancing and making the system richer and more vibrant. Here, I present some broad segments in innovation in education which has led to a paradigm shift from how education was perceived back in the olden days.


Technology is the Means, not the mission– Is technology all we want? Well, I guess we are wrong if we think so because technology will only act as a catalyst. Education is what controls us all. Education is at its finest, when technology is not the key driving force and used as an instrument instead or a medium to transcend and educate us to greater heights. With the click of a button we know what Kant wrote of reasoning and judgement. We know and we comprehend them without sitting with big fat books in the libraries. Thanks to technology, our library is a few clicks away. Technology increases communication and now we go to different continents in the name of education. We have buildings; those are results of technology again. Our smart classrooms, our video presentations, our elevators etc. indirectly or directly make education a space for all of us to take part and receive.

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Innovation has started to take centre stage and the interdependence on education and innovation is clearly evident. Technology, the result of human ability to think, has allowed him/her to reason more. Today’s education system has upgraded itself. You and I know, today’s education is made better with technology, in every way. From buildings to books, laptops to kindles and educational sites to social circles that educate us and enrich our lives, technology has done it all.


Innovation in education in terms of procedures– By integrating various modes of technology in classrooms, imparting knowledge has become easier. Students’ can have access to multimedia content; they can look for anything and everything in the internet. Well, if you are a student right now or have been one in the recent past, you would have noticed the great contributions of the internet in recent times.

Technology has enhanced scope of creative discussions. We challenge our teachers and also our leaders and we are always in the midst of critical thought that is well supported by technology. You get in a classroom all the information on-screen even before the lecturer begins. The class rooms would be more thoughtful and will have more negotiations. The teacher will not need to waste time in providing basic facts and data when technology has already done it. That’s, when we can do what we ought to do – think critically, contribute and enhance the intellectual profile of the place we live in. This is what innovation in education has done to all of us and contributed to the overall evolution of human beings.

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Digitization in education– Digital text-book as an innovation in education is an asset to students of today’s generation. Imagine carrying those weighty books everywhere you go. Nowadays, it is a delight to study through interactive videos, lectures, audio-visual presentations and communicating blogs and articles. The kindle has encompassed all books and you can carry it anywhere. All the books on one screen: unthinkable even fifty years back! Well, we have dismissed the idea too quickly since it is a common sight now, but imagine if a person from the past visited us, he would definitely know the significance of technology way more than we do. We have just evolved along with technology which has led the innovation in education subtly but in an astounding way, in comparison to the education system of our forefathers or that of even a generation ago.


Parameters of innovation in educational sector– Speaking on parameters of innovation in education, a related article in Washington post (This is educational innovation) details policies and practices as established by research funded by OECD (The Organization of Economic cooperation and development).

Here are the top five U.S. “innovations in organizational practice and policy”:

1) More use of student assessments for monitoring school progress
2) More use of assessments for national or district benchmarking
3) More use of assessment facts to tell parents of student progress
4) More external evaluation of secondary school classrooms
5) More parental service on secondary school committees

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Distance learning– Technology has now enabled all of us to get education and training from a distance in a simulated classroom atmosphere. You can actually be at home, relaxed and attend classes. There are many websites that offer free courses as well, with efficient lecturers taking classes from different parts of the world.

Well, with these unbelievable credits to technology, there comes a challenge as well. Technology can make us idle and obliterate in the quest to search, grow and learn.

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Technology has improved mostly each area of our lives. Our lifestyle dwells on it. Our play, our jobs, our homes and of course our education today depend on technology. In schools, technology can be executed right from the primary stages of education. You know little kids love to watch and learn instead of reading books. They love the music that can teach them and they enjoy games that can help them remember. The technology for education has invented so many applications through which toddlers can learn every subject, and since it is entertaining, they will soon master the subject and know how technology works. Thus, the advantages as of now seem to outnumber the negatives of technology as a catalyst to ongoing innovation in education. It will keep improving and since there is no end to knowledge, innovation in education will also see no culmination.


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