4 innovation in science and technology that changed human conduct!

Innovation in science and technology seems to be a fashion statement these days and used almost everywhere and by every organization. This can be attributed to the flurry of scientific innovations in recent years. Lately, I have wondered how it would be if I had to live a hundred years ago. For some of us the thought itself could be exciting and to some it would be a petrifying idea. Today, things just happen at the click of a button because technology and other inventions have made our life fast and convenient.

4 innovation in science and technology that changed human conduct 1

Most of the things that we need for basic survival are results of great minds and a gift to human beings through innovation in science and technology. Well, today we see them in abundance. But behind these inventions are stories of strife, failures, strategy, practice, intellect and much more. To start with, I would like to pick 4 inventions which two me are the most important innovation in science and technology and we hardly categorize them as vital today but these innovation in science have been the backbone of almost all inventions in technology. While there are numerous inventions that can be categorized as great inventions but I specifically chose the 4 innovation below as they have acted as the 4 pillars of the great technological build-up that has developed over the years to shape our future.

The Wheel

Almost all our transportation facilitator including aeroplanes and even horse carriages depends on this great invention. Though this invention traces itself back to the BC’s, it is one that transformed human’s regime and elevated civilization in many ways. Evidences trace back the origin of Wheel to 3500 BC and strangely enough, it was not used for transportation back then. It was only after 300 years that the Wheel, which was branded as a potter’s wheel, used for transportation.

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4 innovation in science and technology that changed human conduct 2

Interesting fact– Invention of wheel has led to many other inventions such as propellers, jet engines and wind turbines which were derived from the idea of the wheel moving on an axis. Looks like a simple idea now but back then the idea revolutionized the process of innovation in science and technology.


The internet

Of course the internet has to be on this list. To be honest, I cannot live a day without the internet, neither can most of other people around the world. Our life has received an upgrade with the internet on our tables, in our phones, tabs etc. It seems like our lives survive on the speed of the internet and facilities of internet that we avail.

4 innovation in science and technology that changed human conduct 4

Unlike many other innovation in science and technology, Internet has no single inventor. It has evolved over time with contributions from a lot of intellectual giants and was first developed and experimented in USA more than 50 years ago. Internet today has changed human behaviour. We have gone to an extent to even shop and buy our daily groceries through the internet. Online games, social networking, videos, blogs, e-commerce, net banking and so many other things have become part of our lives as if they perpetually existed.

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The advent of internet in our day-to-day lives is critiqued by a few who believe human ought to be on guard because internet can rob all of our basic and intellectual capabilities. As far as we have that clear red line demarcated, we seem to be doing good with Internet as it seems to be a boon to society and mankind helping the process of sustainable development.

Interesting FactInfo.Cern is the address of the world’s first-ever web site and web server, running on a NeXT computer at CERN. It is still live.

Smart phones

You might argue and ask me to pick the telephone over Smartphone because it came before the smartphones. But, I still believe that the smart phone was a greater invention. While certain features of telephone was retained by smart phones but carrying information of the world in that tiny electronic case is a huge achievement in itself.

4 innovation in science and technology that changed human conduct 3

Smart Phones encompassed, Instant communication to anywhere in the world through short messaging service (sms), Social networking sites, video calling, maps, satellite navigation that would direct us to mostly anywhere we want and a lot more. Smart phones have integrated itself with another great invention, the camera, and have made it so easy for us to capture high quality pictures, something which looks simple and easy to digest but was a tough nut to crack and now has become a unique selling point for smart phones.

Interesting fact– More than 50% of consumers in US over 15 years of age and less than 50 years of age own at least one smart phone and the trend is catching up in rest of the world.


The printing press

This great invention by Gutenberg did alter history to a great extent. Today, we know what history is through documents. Knowledge was passed through generations, writings became a medium and of course literature was affected the most. We have books and magazines, which are produced in abundance. Thanks to the efforts of the people who lived back then, that have changed our lives. Today’s printers and other printing machines have all followed this great invention and have evolved over the years riding high on technological innovation.

Interesting fact– Time Magazine has named Gutenberg’s printing press the most important invention of the last 1000 years.

4 innovation in science and technology that changed human conduct 6


Life without these innovation in science and technology would definitely be bizarre.  We would be existing like men in the Stone Age, nomadic, documents on paper alone, hardly any communication and what all would we miss. Technology has enhanced our existence to a great extent. The slightest realisation of man’s emptiness, due to the lack of technology, can cripple us. But do we have the courage to try?

What else do you think should be termed as greatest innovation in science and technology which changed human behaviour and fuelled further inventions?



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