7 Innovation that will change the world of tomorrow

If fashion is fickle, so is technological innovation.

We are living in a world of limitless opportunities. New technologies appear and disappear in spur of time. Thousands of innovation steal the limelight every day.

Few of them stay and many disappear like fads of technological innovation. However, there will be a few innovation that will stay with us with a potential to change the world and change our tomorrow.

These Innovation will change how we perceive things.

In this post, I present 7 innovation that will change the world of tomorrow.

Several changes are occurring now and technology is coming down the line.

Businesses must always be prepared for the next innovation and brace themselves for risks. Rather, embracing uncertainty is much better a strategy these days to counter competitive effects. This is true for both individuals and businesses.

It’s hard to predict exactly what will happen in the future. But there are a number of trends that can point us in the right direction when we are looking to plan business’s next steps.

The following are 7 innovation that are likely to matter for your business over the next ten years. So, read on..

I have included in this article both product and process innovation. While some of these acts of creativity relate to scientific inventions, others reflect upon changes in the perception of society.

Innovation will be useful only when we apply it and has a market to caret to. There is no point of something radical that doesn’t connect well with us.

So, lets begin with the list..


Innovation that will change the world of tomorrow


1. Internet of Things (IOT)


Already making big news in our world today. It will continue to assist in monitoring and control of objects.  The benefits and possibilities for use of this technology are endless.

Based on cloud computing and data gathering sensors, it is one of the innovation that will change the world.

Of course the growth of this innovation will increase the amount of data that needs to be processed and stored.

Most importantly this innovation has led way to smarter things. We are out of machines. We are getting into the age of sensors.

You might have loved the sensor screens being used by Iron Man or in Star Wars. Well the imagination is turning into reality.

There is an interesting article on why internet of things is far bigger an innovation than anyone realizes .

We are advancing into a stage when a lot will happen through sensory movements.

Exciting and scary, isn’t it?

Microsoft says that internet of things is actually internet of your things. It is about connecting the dots to create the future.

This technological agglomeration will help in easier transition to future. It leads us to a world of new possibilities.

Here is a short 2 minute video by Microsoft to explain Internet of (your) things.


2. Advanced robotics

7 Innovations that will change the world 2

Robotics is already considered as one of the innovation that will change the world of tomorrow. It is actually changing the world of today as well.

It is matter of time when domestic help would be robot. It would be possible to have a pet which can multitask and speak multiple language.

There is an interesting article which showcases 10 robots that might lead you to jump in joy or recoil in terror.

These highly capable robots with excellent fine motor control and improved sensors will be able to complete many more tasks.

This will affect manufacturing, may open the door to service robots, turn into personal and home robots and may also provide a solution for amputees.

Indeed, we are on the doorstep to a world of limitless possibilities.

Few companies have already started using their innovation capital. Forbes has been listing most innovative companies from the last few years. One of my posts discusses the factors that make these 3 innovative companies stand out of the crowd.

3. BYOD– Bring your own device

This is an innovation that will help increase productivity of workforce immensely.

If it hasn’t started already, the Bring Your Own Device habit will probably hit your employees soon.

As there are a growing number of gadgets available for performing tasks at work, it is harder for businesses to choose which ones to provide to employees.

The concept is gaining in popularity.

There is a widespread belief that this process innovation only has positives attached to it. Own devices help the process of learning at an institution or training process at work.

As the millennials now are passionate about their gadgets, it is a great idea not to part them from their creative technology buddies.

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It’s a win win situation for everyone. Think about it.

Are we not revolutionizing work by patronizing this concept? This is a great initiative to develop creative acumen within employees.

And let’s face it, some people are quite attached to a particular device and prefer it above others.


The culture of Bring Your Own Device is becoming widely acceptable – so consider cutting your budget on purchasing mobiles and tablets – your mac loving employee might not want to use them anyway.


4. Cloud computing

7 Innovations that will change the world 1

This is a no brainer. All of us are now quite used to this technology.

Thanks to the stellar marketing efforts and a rush by companies to outperform each other.

Gone are the days when local servers was the norm of data storage. The remote servers hosted on internet have revolutionized the managing and processing of data.

Cloud or Cloud computing is the ability to share a pool of common computing resources.

This is a fast-growing area that allows businesses to focus less on infrastructure and more on productivity. Users from across the globe can have access to the same files and workspaces.

Any business looking to make it in the future will likely need to adopt using the cloud for some purposes.


5. Automation of Knowledge Work & Artificial Intelligence (AI)


It is believed that automation of knowledge work would be the most disruptive technological innovation over the next decade.

Once believed to be only possible for humans, the ability to reason and problem solving has been developed in machines.  This means that machines will be able to replace humans for more jobs and tasks than ever before.

Machines would start to do the heavy lifting jobs and dangerous activities.

According to Mckinsey, it would impact the economy by between $5-7 trillion. This is a well calculated estimate.

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Artificial intelligence is now a reality. Good or Bad, I leave it on you to decide.

Machines can now analyze and make subtle judgments as well as process data quickly.

This makes them ideal candidates for tasks such as diagnosing and recommending treatment in the health sector.

6. Energy storage


How good would it be if you would not need to stop over for refueling your car?

Car would be refueled with energy when parked.

Laptops and phones would be charged wirelessly (this is already a reality now!)

Yes, it is all depends on one of the innovations that will change our world. Energy storage along with complementary industrial innovations is making this all possible.

Improved use of energy of devices and enhanced battery technology will change the possibilities of many technologies.  Advanced materials and nanotechnology will be created and used.

Energy storage will make hybrid and electric cars much more viable.


7. Incremental Innovation


I have decided to give a lot of innovation a single heading for I want to discuss phenomena rather than passing value judgments on individual products.

Although some of the innovation on this list may seem revolutionary – watch out for those little changes or “incremental innovation” that will come out in the market and surprise you.

These are simple new additions to existent concept. Not that it undermines the power of the innovation.

The power lies in the simplicity. The power lies in the ease with how we accept these innovations. Like the new editions of IPhone or the introduction of Apple pay.

We have moved from a floppy disk to nano chips. That too just in couple of decades. Incremental yet radical; isn’t it?

Remember the television we had in our childhood days.

We moved from ice factory to fridges. From Chariots to Model T to the Cars of today.

Here is a look at what’s in store for us within the next year. Best of CES Winners 2017. These are the best incremental of innovation of this year.

Slight improvements to products can make a big splash in the market place – for example the birth of tablets which is like a large touch-phone.

In business context one of my earlier posts specifically covers innovative ideas of business growth.



There are many more innovation that have been missed out.

As I have mentioned earlier, we are entering a world of limitless innovations and possibilities. We live in an era full of disruptive innovation.

Creativity is bubbling more than ever. We are all part of it. We all contribute in some way or the other.

We love few innovation, hate a few, ignore a few, and embrace a few.

What else do you think can be termed as innovation that will change our tomorrow?

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