Creativity Online and the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

‘Creativity is always a leap of faith. You’re faced with a blank page, blank easel, or an empty stage.’  Julia Cameron


There is a bit of creativity in all of us. We all love to display our creativity. We spend a lot of our time surfing the internet, reading news, watching innovative commercials, going through books etc. To sum this all up, in the current times, we are exposed to what we now know as ‘Creativity online’.

Innovation and creativity are not a recent phenomenon but the worldwide web has revolutionized creativity. It provides a platform so that no innovation goes unnoticed.

If there is something special in you, get online. Share your creativity, share your innovation and promote your vision. The biggest market awaits your creativity – a market of 3,243,329,667 users and growing (source Internet live stats) further.

What we all are subject to in the recent times is a spur of innovation and creativity online.

Creativity online- The context


Creativity is something that should be cherished and nourished whenever possible.

‘Creativity online’ is a term used now to promote innovation on the worldwide web. The Internet is a platform that allows people to connect with everyone all over the world, and work on their creativity and anything that they have an idea of.

So what can be considered to be creativity online?

  1. All forms of advertising and design
  2. Music on worldwide web
  3. Blogging
  4. Interactive campaigns
  5. Social media activities
  6. Crowdfunding
  7. Other brand enhancing activities, etc.

If you think there is something else that should be a part of the list, build it and post a comment. The post will be updated with your version of creativity. This is a classic way to display creativity online.

Simple display of creativity at times is refreshing and mesmerizing. Here you can find 30 excellent  simple creativity  displayed to bring smiles on our face.

Creativity Online 3


Many more activities can be termed creative but for this post we will limit our discussions to creativity displayed by entrepreneurs and business men that has some monetary value attached to it.

Creativity online- Spinning business opportunities


What has become more and more popular is the idea and the fact that many people are now taking this online creativity and turning it into business opportunities. A lot of the proud owners of these innovative and creative ideas are becoming global entrepreneurs.

Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Guy Kawasaki, Robin Sharma, Lady Gaga and many more would not have been what they are sans the display of their creativity online. No doubt, they are experts in their respective fields, but it is the marketability of their creativity that helped them stand out.

Lady Gaga has been a phenomenon because of her social fan following. She makes news whenever she does something. May it be her music video ‘bad romance’ which was the most viewed video on you tube or her 16 inch heels when she met Barack Obama, the President of US.

Moreover, Lady Gaga is one of the most searched celebrities online and was the first person to reach 8 million followers on Twitter in 2011 (She now has 52.3 million Twitter followers).

Having a lot of creativity can be both good and bad. We will ignore the darker side of creativity as of now and concentrate on positives.

We all have so many ideas. All we need is to find a way to get pen to paper and make them real.

There are so many platforms on the Internet that creative people can use nowadays, and they just keep growing.

Websites like Tumblr, Instagram, and even Reddit, allow us to post pictures and short stories for people to see, read and share.

It is a place where people can get comments on their work and later use those comments to help them further their plans and build something great from a small idea.

Creativity online- Examples


Social media is the best platform of displaying creativity. Facebook, Twitter and Amazon have been cult classics when discussing creativity online.

One of my earlier posts discusses how businesses are using social media and online activities for business growth.

Another recent example of creativity online is Etsy.

creativity online etsy

Etsy has taken the creative mind and entrepreneurship idea and joined them. It is a website that allows people to open online stores that are full of their homemade products, of any type. It is common for clothing and other home goods to appear there.

It is a place that now has many shops all over the world, and has been able to take people’s hobbies and creative sides and turn them into businesses where they can flourish.

Another example of creativity online in context of entrepreneurship is The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.

 the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor


Did you know that youth are 1.6 times more likely to start a business than are adults? Yes it is true. Not only this, the Global entrepreneurship monitor has 16 years of data for us.

It has been around for years and is basically a large study of businesses and entrepreneurship around the world. Essentially the global entrepreneurship monitor is there to provide high quality information, comprehensive reports and interesting stories on entrepreneurship. It’s an initiative by global universities to collect hard data on entrepreneurship.

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The details are available to anyone who is interested in learning more about this topic.  Those who are already entrepreneurs can learn more about others like them. This information and the reports can improve the understanding of the entrepreneurial phenomenon while also providing so much more.

It strives to give believers and others who are interested in the information of just how transformative and life changing can be the idea of entrepreneurship.


Creativity online- Unpacking innovation around the globe



Think on the previous example of Global entrepreneurship monitor. They have taken 16 years’ worth of information and compiled them to come up with a vast data base of individual entrepreneurs and their attitudes toward their future.

This is something that many people would not think doing before the Internet existed. But this platform gives the world a better way of seeing all the innovative and creative people who are making their dreams come true all around the world.

The idea behind the entrepreneurship monitor is that they solely focus on entrepreneurs and those looking to make a business out of their creativity. The whole reporting system is so unique and creative in thought, that they themselves could be put on their very own list.

Being creative is one of the best ways of getting new ideas out into the world. No matter if you are a writer or a crafter, it is something that can make a difference.

It is important to foster that creativity and work to make sure that others out there are aware of it.


What’s your creativity schedule for today?

Creativity online is one of the fastest ways of getting what it is that you are working on out in the world. The Internet has provided such a large area for people to place all of their ideas on and discuss them and then it can only go up from here.

Here is an interesting article for those who want to get into the crux of creativity to know their sub type of creativity or Fostering creativity.

Having a large community where you can foster your ideas and bounce more ideas off other people is definitely an advantage. It is one way so that innovation and change can make people and entrepreneurs better at what it is they do and what it is they are looking for.

Kudos to the online creators and innovators. Online resources and contributors have inspired a lot of people like me to get online and contribute with every little that is possible. Creativity can either be an original idea or a fresh representation of something else.


So what’s your recipe for online creativity today?


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