7 innovation in technology to look for in 2016

When we speak about innovation in technology, we look for limitless expanse of imagination. So, what’s in store for us in 2016?

Will the blinds be able to see the beautiful world this year? Will mind reading be possible? Can solar energy be domesticated? Will there be networking better and advanced that Facebook? Can a camera of future capture light?

Well, we all know now that if we can imagine, it’s possible.

Who would have thought couple of decades ago that camera will start to become obsolete and we will be having a device named smart phone that can do half of the work we need to do?

Who would have thought a decade ago that we can order a taxi and trace everything in real-time with taxi fare and payments being automated?

Well who would have thought a couple of decades ago that there would be a thing called ‘Google’ which would be able to come up with 375 million responses to a query in 0.3 seconds.

So, speaking of innovation, it truly is limitless. I reiterate, if we can imagine it is possible.

Coming back to the possibilities that I questioned at the outset of this article, read on to see how these things are soon to be realities.


7 innovation in technology to look for in 2016


2015 was one of the best years for innovative technology. Also, 2016 continues that innovative technology trend with more disruptions in sight. Innovation in technology is certainly on display in 2016.

Tech experts have revealed the top 7 innovation in technology and these innovation will be strategic for lots of organizations, as well as for lots of experts in 2016.

More importantly, these fresh innovation will have significant impact on our lives.


1. Mind Reading and Memory Recording MRI Scan


This is one of the best and also first ever commercial brain scan. This brain scan is used for recording memories for future as well as for recording thoughts.

A software developer called Anthony Broussard paid about $1200 to have his thoughts and memories preserved last year. A lot of firms are now trying to commercialize this experiment for commercial use.

So, mind reading would soon be a reality.

Do we need it really? Scary isn’t it!


2. The Device Mesh


The device mesh enables the endpoints people’s to access information and applications or interact with people, communities, businesses, or governments.

This includes mobile devices, home and consumer electronic devices, even metal devices and automotive devices. As the device mesh evolves so that’s why tech experts expect connection models to expand and greater cooperative interaction between lots of devices to emerge.

For more information on Device Mesh and other similar innovation in technology to look for in 2016 read Gartner’s 10 strategic technology trends of 2016.



3. Smart Contact Lenses


Another innovation in technology to look for in 2016 are the smart contact lenses which are able to monitor the glucose level of anybody who is suffering from diabetes.

This smart lens is developed by world largest search engine “Google”. As this lens is created by Google so it is also known as Google Glass .

The earlier version of Google Glass was like a smartphone or the eye version of ‘Apple watch’.

The question is, why do we need a lens to monitor blood glucose? Well it will still be able to take calls, will have a touch pad in a sleeker design and a high quality camera. Moreover, Google aspires to make it trendy to look cooler than ever.


4. Movement of Light Recorder


This is the first ever camera that captures the movement of light at 4.4 trillion frames per second. It is invented by researchers in Japan, setting a world record for the world’s fastest camera.

The camera is so fast that it is able to capture the movement of light. This high-speed camera is a powerful tool for studying fast dynamics in fluidics, photochemistry, and plasma physics.

Did I say that camera age is over? Ummm, 4.4 trillion frames per second, let me think again!

The prototype has been created in 2014 as stated in this Gizmag article  but is currently on a larger side in terms of size. We can gear up for its smaller avatar by the end of this year.


5. Invisibility Cloaks


Researchers at Cambridge University developed a new method which can be used to manufacture invisible materials using lasers. This leads to the possibility of invisibility cloaks .

These researchers created a wonderful material which is able to reflect light through refraction and as a result this material makes an object covered by it and appears invisible.

I was thinking what if we keep the most valuable thing in the invisible cloak and somehow misplace it. I am sure Google maps will make sure these little cheeky cloaks are well tracked.

6. Solar Panel Windows


It is a kind of breakthrough in quantum dot research by scientists who have given a great way for your property windows that double as solar panels.

These Quantum dots are small Nano crystal which are made up of semiconductor and embedded in a transparent polymer for capturing the sun energy and harvest it as power.

The key accomplishment in this whole process is the demonstration of luminescent solar concentrators and these solar concentrators use a new generation of quantum dots.

Don’t be surprised to see a hike in the prices of houses in Bahamas next year. With 340 days of Sunlight and this innovation in technology, electricity bills are sure to take a dip in the Bahamas.


7. Smart Glasses for the Blind


Smart glasses are developed in such a way that it can help blind people as well as partially sighted people. A small 3D camera is included in these glasses which highlights, separates objects and projects these objects.

The lens placed in these glasses help the wearer in maximizing the remaining vision. These smart glasses are being developed further with the help of partnership of Royal National Institute of Blind people.

Developed by Oxford Scientists, these glasses can help the blind see  .

Image below (courtesy – Dailymail, UK) tries to explain this marvellous innovation in technology.


There are many more innovation in technology to look out for in 2016. Some planned some disruptive.


Disruptive Innovation to Watch Out for in 2016

2016 has already been a whirlwind. It has, thus far, proved itself as update heaven for all technology and innovation enthusiasts alike. Having said that, what is most worth watching out for is the disruptive innovation that will exist and perpetuate throughout this year.


As we are all likely already aware of, Disruptive Innovation is that innovation that brings a revolution to some area of business or industry, thereby disrupting that which is already the norm. Many may agree with me when I say that the most important factor for the consistent progress and growth of a company or organization is innovation.

What sets apart a normal business or organization, with a consistently successful one, however, is when that innovation which they employ is so revolutionary that it changes things.

As I said earlier in this post, 2016 is the year for updates and technological storms. That is no different when considering the disruptive innovation that has already or will soon present itself in 2016. When thinking about the innovations that are constantly rising and making themselves known, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start in order to uncover the greatest and most upcoming.

Here are three bonus disruptive innovations to watch out for in 2016.


Autonomous Vehicle Technology:

Among the newest and most appreciated disruptive innovations is the plethora of autonomous vehicle technology that can be seen on display in a variety of state-of-the-art vehicles. One can accurately expect that this type of technology is moments away from changing the face of vehicle and automobile production. The standard assembly and product implementation during production will need to make way for the newest and impressingly updated innovative technology.

5G Infrastructure

Also upcoming, but still in the developing and refining stages, is the newest, next-generation internet technology that is 5G.

This internet technology is expected to be the foundation for a variety of other innovative practices, systems, and products. Pay special attention as it exercises its capacity to redefine mobile architecture and the internet core.


Wearable Technology

In 2016, expect to see a breakthrough of a plethora of wearable technology products. Though we have already seen the introduction of the iWatch and the wearable, fitness-measuring products, we should watch out for an even larger variety as well as the refining of these already existing products in an innovative way.



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