Innovation in design in the 21st century

Since C P Snow’s controversial lectures in 1959  the roots of which stretch back to the 18th century, we have engaged in debate that in our society relative importance is given to science and technology.  That’s why innovation in technology also places its footprints on arts, design, painting and creativity. Good or bad is a million dollar question, but, what I have to offer here is 6 innovation in design that has also affected art in the 21st century.

Ask anyone to explain the image that comes to his/her mind when he/she hears the word artist, scientist or designer.

Can you think of the attachment with nature or are you more attached towards technology? If you are a millennial, you may probably be imagining Iron Man as the scientist and technology laden art and design practices.

A lot of us still love to see plants in our living room rather than gadgets and prefer handmade art over digital paintings. Technology is pushing us to an era where we can have ‘best of both worlds’.

Really? Your guess is as good as mine.

Let’s move to the innovation list which I have compiled to showcase few of the many innovation in design and art in 21st century.


6 innovation in design and art.


1.    Kinematics Dress by Nervous System


If you have any doubt about the 3D printing influence in art and design, then you need to admire the intricacy of Kinematics Dress by Nervous System. Watch the video to see the innovation in design and expect what we have in store in the near future.


This dress is constructed from about 2,289 individual triangular panels and these panels are interconnected by about 3,325 hinges of nylon.

This dress is able to flow and move likes a suit of chainmail armor. This Kinematics dress is 3D printed in a selective laser sintering for approximately 2 days.

The technology and design were so wonderful that it has been recently added to the permanent collection of Museum of Modern Arts.

Trust me the hangover of 3D printing is dominating the world of art and design in this century.

Nowadays the percentage of 3D printing usage has increased by about 40 percent.  That’s why 3D printer manufacturers are creating more affordable and capable 3D printers.

The new MOD-t is one of the best 3D printers which is extensively used these days. This 3D printer is also connected with internet to an online marketplace.


2.    Digital innovation in art


Artists in the current era have begun to perceive and perform art with a put of innovation in it.

Painting has evolved over the ages and artists have embraced technology. One of my earlier post displays the journey of paintings through 4 painting innovation .

What has affected art immensely now including painting is the digitization of art. Digital innovation in art has redefined art in 21st century.

May it be good or bad but we are heading for greater intervention of technology in the 21st century as far as art is concerned.

The article on how technology is changing art showcases few of the videos on what we can expect through various innovation in design and art in 21st century.


3. Whirlpool Interactive Kitchen


This one impacts all of us in some way or the other. While the modular kitchen concept and induction cook tops are age-old stories, here is an innovation in design for our kitchen.

Whirlpool is an interactive display that you can use on a double drawer French door or on a shelf in your kitchen. This display comes with dazzling amount of storage options and strip lighting.

Here is the video to clarify on what this is all about.


This is one of the best trends where technology and design will eventually intersect within our homes. It is an appliance maker vision which is connected with cook-top.

Whirlpool uses a large touch display, cook-top, and back splash. The whole whirlpool system revolves around a digital ecosystem which is connected to some kitchen appliances.

You can also connect to the internet and use some other social networks application on this large display.



4.    Abstract art becoming more abstract


Abstraction in 21st century has entered a new phase.

Abstraction has evolved with the support of digital art, computer art, appropriation, hyperrealism and many other innovation that were unheard of in the last century.

What is exciting though is that you can see paintings of Frank Stella and other greats in revamped, lively, colorful and digital versions.

Might not please a lot of painters to play with the authentic work but manipulation and appropriation are side effects of the options technology has given us in 21st century.


5.    Smart Scooter with Bluetooth

Let’s focus back to design innovation with a clear intervention of technology.

Wheel is said to be the greatest invention of all time. It has been a boon to society in multiple ways. In the 20th century, ‘wheel’ was hit by the innovation bug and we had amazing things around us that had wheels.

The trend is supposed to continue in 21st century. A lot of us might think the scooter era gets over when we leave our primary schools. The need to save power and the ‘Go Green’ revolution has these foot scooters trending again.

But, where is the innovation here? The innovation in these set of wheels is led by tweaking and improving the design while using technology to revolutionize travel.

Laden with artistic value and impeccable design the smart scooters are battery-powered.

A bright display is included on the front area with a battery indicator added in the display.

The innovation behind this smart scooter is based on Bluetooth connectivity and 30 on-board sensors. The companies dealing with these describe that their smart scooter sales model follows the subsidizing system which is very similar to sales of smartphones.

Customers are able to buy this smart scooter with miles connected with scooter battery.

6. BeoPlay H8 Headphones Design


These BeoPlay headphones are developed by Bang and Olsen. These are a piece of art more than a disruptive innovation.

These headphones are tactile targeted and beautifully wood adorned headphones.

Luxurious leather used in these headphones attracts everyone towards itself. Lambskin, noise control technology and wireless headphone technology used in these headphones make them a premium variety in their segment.

Excelling in art of providing uninterrupted and quality sound, they do charge premium to own this innovation in design of 21st century.





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