This Blog is a collection of posts by Manish Jha on Growth Strategy, Innovation & Creativity, and Entrepreneurship.

The aim is to promote discussions on Growth strategy and innovation, and build a forum to create a stage for fresh innovation and creations.

This blog also discusses about creative and influential people and entrepreneurs, taking a holistic approach on Entrepreneurship.

The motto is to create, learn and share.

Innovation and creativity

Innovation and creativity are the two major talked about tools of performance enhancement in the business sector these days.

Moreover these are equally important for personal development.

The posts in this blog dwell deeper into innovation functions and growth hacks for organisations.

Several posts take into account the innovative and creative ideas of influential people and leaders. Emotional Intelligence and creativity at workforce for professional excellence is another key area discussed in a lot of blog posts.

The posts try to explore the mindsets of creative people of the likes of Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, Ratan Tata, Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci and many more.

Key areas discussed in this blog by Manish are:

  1. Growth Strategies
  2. Innovation and creativity
  3. Inspirational quotes on strategy and innovation
  4. Famous quotes on innovation and creativity
  5. Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship (Display of Entrepreneurship in Organisational setup)
  6. Startups and importance of innovation
  7. Innovation and creativity in education sector
  8. Innovation in art


The blog is created and managed by Manish Jha who is an entrepreneur by heart and soul.


After a stint of 8 years in entrepreneurship, Manish has decided to turn his attention towards growth strategy and display of creativity and emotional intelligence (his key areas of research) and the implications of the same on personal and Organizational excellence.

Manish Jha has founded Global Hospitality Portal and SOEG.

Currently, Manish is exploring areas of innovation and emotional intelligence further.

He has studied business from various renowned institutions like Warwick University, IIM Ahmedabad and University and Salford. He wishes to dedicate rest of his life acting as a Growth Strategist and an innovation & change evangelist.

This blog welcomes views from all growth strategists, inventors, leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, and innovation and change evangelists.

Please use the  comment section or the contact form below to share your insights on how to improve and add value to the site.




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